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This comprehensive business course includes:

In this comprehensive business course, you’ll learn an effective way to begin prioritizing tedious tasks so you know which ones to outsource to your team and set up systems to automate certain workflows.
Yes, it’s possible. You just need to START!

Our Mastermind Community

Our course includes our business academy mastermind community which gives members the opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from one another in an exclusive environment to freelancers to help them succeed.

Your Membership access includes

Access to the “Discussion” area where you can join our Private Facebook group for support for all of your questions.

Monthly perks like 50% off of our private coaching sessions.

Free tickets to our quarterly workshops.

Exclusive access to a business strategy coach, life coach, and tech advisor.


With the Business Solutions Academy, you can overcome the impostor syndrome and gain clarity and confidence.


Participate in our bi-monthly mastermind sessions where the magic happens during our group calls.


For further support, Join our private Facebook community.

What to expect

With the Business Solutions Academy, you can overcome the impostor syndrome and gain clarity and confidence.
Our comprehensive business course provides a guided curriculum to help you develop the skills and knowledge to lead and train your team.

Through this course, you can gain the skill sets to become a successful business leader.
I encourage you to Enroll  today and take advantage of our bonus offers that we will share with you at the end of the call.

Explain what makes your program different

What's the difference between:

An overwhelmed online business owner

How to Integrate a Virtual team to Scale Your Business

Our comprehensive course How to Integrate a Virtual Team to Scale Your Business? 

This is a complete program that teaches you how to effectively solve the overwhelm by outsourcing your tasks to a properly trained team.

If your goal is to learn to manage your team and improve your workflows so that you can spend less time in the office. The next step is to join our mastermind community. When you combine the two (adjective and then adjective), you’ll see the best results and discover (adjective).

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy your life by adding more hours into your day to enjoy what you love doing most.

Our promise is to help you to develop a training program to hire a team and grow your business. Our proof about Marie Mason is a business strategy coach with several years of experience helping freelance business owners craft winning strategies.

My Step-by-Step Plan

Included in the program is a  step-by-step, easy-to-follow plan that walks you through the entire process of how to hire, train and manage your team to help you grow your business. Create a mind map to get all of the “thoughts” and “things-to-accomplish” out of your head and onto paper ready to accomplish. Just plug-in your answers and follow your plan.


Lifetime Access

We offer lifetime access to the program materieals (videos, training modules, organizing plan, printables)

Free Ticket

Free ticket to all of our workshop events.

Exclusive Access

We give exclusive access to our couches on our priivate Facebook community for support and resources.

How can you work with us?

We are offering open enrollment for you.
How to Integrate a Virtual Team to Scale Your Business? You can join the course called How to Integrate a Virtual Team to Scale Your Business for a yearly payment of $5995. The value is way more at $25,000 and you are saving 75% off of our comprehensive business course.

Membership Options



/ Yearly

Includes 12 -months of monthly group mastermind calls
One 30-minute private coaching call offered quarterly
Lifetime access to our Worksheets, workbooks, and Recording




/ For 4 easy Payments

Includes one monthly group mastermind calls
After you make the 3 payments, we will include one 30-minute private coaching call 
Lifetime access to our Worksheets, workbooks, and Recordings



/For 12 Payments

                                                        Lifetime access to our Worksheets, workbooks, and Recordings
                                                              Includes one monthly group mastermind coaching call
                                                                  Exclusive access to our professional community 

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Make a payment through our website


For further support, join our private Facebook community


You can begin accessing our course content which is scheduled weekly to be released weekly.


Participate in our bi-monthly mastermind sessions where the magic happens during our group calls.


Schedule your private coaching call as needed based on the package you selected.


You have absolutely nothing to lose and massive amounts to gain that will change your life for the better, if you take action – starting today.

All printables are undated which means you can print and use them forever! That’s my promise to you. See you inside our mastermind group!

Warm Wishes,

Marie Mason
Business Strategy Coach
Business Solutions Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mastermind group calls are held on the second Tuesday of the month from 12 pm to 1 pm Eastern, USA. 
And the fourth Tuesday of the month from 7 PM to 8 PM Eastern, USA.

We keep our classroom sizes small up to 20 students per session. 

Yes, we offer weekly worksheets and recordings that you can do at your own pace.  
Once you complete the training for that week it will unlock the next lesson.

Start by going to our registration page and completing an application form and submitting a payment.

Our current payment method is PayPal.

We will be offering a 3-month camera confidence course to help you gain confidence talking in front of the camera, learn how to use the technology, and plan out what to say in your script.  We will be releasing this course later in 2023. 

You may cancel at any time.
Due to the service-based nature, we cannot offer refunds.
If you cancel the Leadership Mastermind VIP or Gold memberships, you will lose all access to the lifetime access to our course content.
You will also lose all of the mastermind group calls and member privileges. 
Our cancelation policy for our private coaching calls only allows one cancellation per paid session.

Our certified coaches provide you with the skills to make those mental shifts to help you take your business to the next level in a supportive community. Every member of our community is supportive, insightful, and care about each other.  We provide a proven framework for growing and managing your team. We build your confidence in finding your zone of genius so that you can develop a successful leadership strategy that improves team productivity and retention.